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PT. Century Star Electrindo
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PT. Century Star Electrindo

Welcome to PT. Century Star Electrindo!

Century Star is a well known and experienced company of technique and electric tools, especially for Cyber and Ohsima brand. More than 20 years Century Star was established in Jakarta and for about 1000 clients in all around Indonesia had been cooperating with us. With strong field of experience so you can trust to cooperate with our company. We sell high quality products with a competitive price. The customer' s satisfaction is the most important for us as our key to grow and to be a success company.

We served for all around Indonesia order such as online / YM/ or with telephone and email order.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The price can be change without any notification before. Please contact us before for
the newest price.
2. It has minimal order for buying ( especially for outside Jakarta area) .
3. The Payment via BCA transfer.
4. After you do the payment to us, please you confirm immediately to us so we can
process your order immediately.
5. Before the product will be sent, we have checked first so you can take that in complete
and good conditions.
6. We will sent your order after we received your payment. For the shipping fee will be
confirm later to you before we sent the product.
7. After we have send the product, you will receive information about name, location,
expedition, and code number of the product' s sending.
8. If you want the other expedition service, you can confirm to us. We will sent your order
by that expedition branch.

We offered products such as:
- Kap Halogen Cyber 150W, 500W, 1000W, 1500W
- Kap Metal Highlight Cyber 70W / 150W ( komplit)
- Kap HPIT 400W Cyber ( trafo dalam)
- Senter Spotlight Cyber
- Push Button PB2511 Cyber, PB3011 Cyber
- Push Button On Off BS211B ( 10A) , BS216B ( 15A) , BS230B ( 30A) , BSH222, BSH223, BT2, BT3
- Terminal Krustin 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm
- Lampu HPIT Cyber 250W, 400W
- Ball Eyes Cyber ( Hitam, Putih)
- Lampu Menara Cyber ( Merah, Bening)
- Lampu Halopika 20W / 220V, 12V; 50W / 220V, 12V
- Kap Waterproof Cyber 1x18W, 2x18W, 1X36W, 2x36W
- Kap Taman Tancap Par 38 Cyber
- Kap Taman Dinding Par 38 Cyber
- Kap Taman Tancap 506, 507 Cyber
- Kabel Gland PG7 - PG48
- Ampere Meter Taito 150A - 600A
- Sensor Uang 2x6W Cyber
- Lampu Tongkat Polisi Cyber
- Lampu Tower Light LTA2053 Cyber
- Sirene ML20 Cyber
- Rotary 3 " , 4 " , 6 " Cyber
- Ohm Saklar Cyber
- Sirene Baby Cyber
- Sirene Abu-abu Cyber
- Sirene MS390 Cyber
- Sirene MS490 Cyber
- Lampu ML Cyber 100W - 500W
- Lampu HPLN Cyber 80W - 400W
- Lampu Tangkap Ikan Cyber
- MCB Cyber
- MCB Oshima
- Trafo Cyber 20W, 40W
- Trafo BHL Cyber 80 - 400W
- Lampu Sorot 300W dan 500W
- Isolasi Cyber
- Stabilizer Oshima 500 KVA, 1000 KVA, 1500 KVA, 2000 KVA, 5000 KVA, 10.000 KVA
- Fiting MP200 dan MP500
- Kap balok 1x20W, 1x40W Cyber
- Rel MCB Cyber
- Bel Kring 2 " , 3 " , 4 " , 6 " , 8 "
- Kabel Spiral KS6 - KS24
- Hoist Push Button COB61, COB62, COB63

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